Entrant Information
Qualifications for Class Entry
Our show field will be limited to 200 judged entrants. Early submissions are highly recommended. To submit your entry for consideration, please click the button below.

The Concours d’Elegance Vehicle Selection Committee will choose entrants that personify the overall themes of Sport, Design, and Elegance within the vehicle Classes, as well as those that support this year’s featured marques.

Class Judges are acknowledged experts on a specific marque, or marques, and focus on authenticity and originality. Additional consideration will be given to vehicles based upon age, condition, history and provenance. To be eligible for a Best in Show Award, a vehicle must first win its Class. According to Chief Judge R.C. Willbanks Jr. "By placing emphasis on accuracy and originality during the Class Judging, we support the preservation of accurate automotive history in each Best in Show we choose."

Class winning vehicles are then judged focusing on design, styling, and elegance. The Judges will then vote among the Class Winners for the Best in Show awards and various special awards, as well as a People’s Choice. The Awards ceremony will begin at 1:00 PM, Sunday, April 22, 2018.

In order for your vehicle to be considered for the Concours d’Elegance of Texas, please submit a complete signed application including photos. The Vehicle Selection Committee will contact you within a week of receiving your application. Please direct questions regarding placing your motorcar into the competition to Bill Mott at bill@concoursoftexas.org or 214.725.3496.

2018 Class List
• Antique and Vintage American through 1924
• Antique and Vintage European through 1924
• American Classic Open 1925-1942
• American Classic Closed 1925-1942
• Woodies
• American Convertible & Luxury 1946-1969
• American Performance - The Muscle Cars
• European Classic Open 1925-1942
• European Classic Closed 1925-1942
• Sports Cars through 1959
• Sports Cars 1960-1975
• Competition Cars
• Pre-War MG
• Pre-War Preservation Class
• Post-War Preservation Class
• Post War European Luxury
• American Popular Pre-War
• Trucks 1927-1972
• Modern Supercars
• Fun & Funky
• Custom Creations
• Shelby Competition Cars
• Shelby Road Cars
• Vintage Corvette - 1953-1972